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Welcome to Absolute Radiance!

In our great time of shifts and spiritual growth we are in the process of great awakening. This site is dedicated to bringing and introducing you to new forms of healing and new energies to accelerate spiritual growth in a loving and easy manner.



My personal story:

Ever since I can remember, I have always lived from the heart. I hold within me a great desire to be of service and as an intuitive healer, teacher and channel I bring all of my skills as an explorer, an innovator in energy work to assist in understanding yourself and bring you to the highest level of self love you are willing to commit to achieving.

My life has taken may turns and it has led me to a great understanding of what true living is about. I have taken every experience whether it was a "bad" one or a "good" one I have always taken them as a way to understand myself and my inner works to have a different and yet direct approach at being in my greatest joy.

I naturally have since I can remember worked with energy and I  now see how it is a reminder and a way to channel creativity and healing. I have been blessed with studying under a great teacher who had the same intension and approach that I have, which is to empower people and help them to understand that each one of us are our greatest healers. Read more...

Jose Sanchez, Teacher / Healer / Channel


Healing Sessions

Healing is a very creative field for me and I will use a variety of techniques to achieve our desired goal.

Spiritual Sessions

Spiritual sessions include energy upgrades, DNA work, personalized vibrational symbols and more.


Upcoming classes, events and workshops on Universal White Time Healing classes, Level 1 & 2, Holy Light healing etc.